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1.  Please describe us what do you want to create. Give us your ideas about a design, it could be a sketch, photo, etc. 
If you have stones, that you want to use 
for your piece of jewelry - we need their measurements in milliliters. Also, we need to know your finger size (if it will be a ring)
or approximate size of a finished piece and metal you want to use.
2. After receiving all this information
we can make some sketches for you to choose from.
For the CAD design, we request a down payment, that depends on the complexity of the design.
3. When CAD design will be completed
we will show you a colorful rendering .
4. After getting your approval a 3D model
will be printed and presented to you for the 
final approval, and only then a piece of jewelry 
will be finished in metal.

Success! Message received.

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